Andy and his wife Jane have always dreamt of setting up their own business together.  After Andy's 20 year career working for a local laundry Company in Cornwall, where he worked his way up to becoming a Regional Account Manager, they have now realised that dream and set up their own carpet cleaning business, Top Dog Carpet Cleaning.  

Andy has undertaken a professional training course and is now a qualified member of The National Carpet Cleaning Association.  

Andy and Jane use detergent free environmentally friendly products for all their cleaning procedures. There are many people, children and animals who have a sensitivity to detergents. Many too have concerns about biodegradability and our dependency on oil. All the solutions that Top Dog Carpet Cleaning use are free rinsing which means they can be rinsed from carpets and upholstery with cold fresh water. No expensive extra chemicals or heat required. The majority of the solutions they use are based on plant or food grade ingredients. Solvents used for stain removal are typically sourced from natural plant oils.

Andy and Jane are committed to making our homes and workplace a cleaner, greener and healthier place to be.

Andy and Jane Felton

Andy has spent the last 20 years working for a local laundry Company that has supplied linen and workwear to customers throughout Cornwall & Devon. He started as a seasonal driver and worked his way up to become a Regional Account Manager looking after many customers in both Devon and Cornwall.  

Jane has been working at a local Primary School for the last 18 years as a Classroom Assistant and has enjoyed some great times as she has watched children grow with her help and the great team she worked with. Both Andy and Jane have always longed for something they can do together and now that time is here.  


Last but not least The Real Top Dog is our Springer Tessa (CEO) who keeps us in line on a daily basis.

Top Dog Carpet Cleaning in Cornwall
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